What Is Open-Dash?

Open-Dash is the Premier Open Source Dashboard platform created by the SmartThings Developer Community. Built from the ground up, this solution will provide the ultimate in customization, integration and flexiblity for a mobile first UI Dashboard for all your things.

We believe that fully open source is the only way to go when it comes to trusting 3rd parties with your devices and to interact with them. Although we can’t control what 3rd parties do with your data and things, we can control what we do. Our growing team will peer review all code and make sure it is held to the highest security standards.

Along with believing in Open Source Software, we feel that dashboard solutions should always be free and Open-Dash will always be free. From our github repo, to our community involvement, all we ask is you contribute in some way. Time, feedback, coding, designing, or money. No contribution is too small. Get involved and be part of the best Open Source Community created Dashboard solution!

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